EthnicRadio - Discover your roots!

The "Ethnic Radio" project is the first project ever to make up for the
lack of national and ethnic diversity of FM radio stations. Thanks to the
Internet, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can have the
opportunity to listen to music of other nationalities independent of their
location or country of origin.

This project will be updated daily, currently we are planning to add new
ethnic internet radio stations, thanks to the efforts of listeners,
national [diaspora], and sponsors.

Every radio station will be broadcasting music and songs of one
nationality. You will also be able to see your nationality''s news on the
project''s homepage.

We are also planning an author''s channel, where you will be able to hear
and watch the most interesting ethnic music albums, as well as fiction and
documentary films about other cultures.

To listen to our radio stations, you will need to have Winamp Media Player
installed on your computer. The free download can be found at this link:

Mari web-station

Chuvashian web-station

Buryat web-station

Yakut web-station

Udmurt web-station

Komi web-station

Kalmyk web-station

Mordva web-station

Tuva web-station

Tatar web-station

Osetian web-station

Russian web-station

Karelian web-station

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